My Role

My role as the Lead Designer in this project was to establish the new look and feel of the NCR UI Component Library a.k.a. NUI Library, a common-core design system serving as “shared DNA” across NCR's software portfolio to ensure more consistent and usable platform services and end-user experiences..

In this project I was responsible for the exploration of the official NUI Color Palette, the implementation and design of Custom Components while leveraging Google Material and Charts.js as our core, and the design of the NUI Doc Site (documentation website) which holds all the guides and rules of using the NUI Library,

The Component Library

NCR UI Library a.k.a. NUI Library is a component based library, teams can easily integrate pre-determined and responsive components into their build for fast mock ups, prototype, and even production ready code using Google Material a well-established, open-source design system that is:

  • Responsive and accessible
  • Extensible and flexible
  • Modern
  • Cross-platform
  • Customizable

In addition to the basic components from Google Material, NCR custom components can be built and tested by project teams and then shared to NUI as plug-ins that extend the system, making it more valuable as contributions are made.

Design Challenges and Exploration

There was a huge problem we needed to solve. Throughout the years NCR has grown and acquired a few companies in many lines of business in which all brought along with them software, none of which looked like it was part of the same family. The goal was to create uniformity through our applications to integrate under the NCR umbrella of softwares, we needed to do this to make all look the same. NUI Library was born, it is must like a internal bootstrap boiler plate for NCR employees. By following a design principal and existing components, established by my team (CXD), we are able to assure quality and consistency across softwares within NCR.

Data Viz

The goal is to create a robust and consistently applied design system that will increase usability and customer satisfaction, strengthen loyalty and generate new business.

Design and Exploration using Charts.js for Data Visualization components.

The Color Spectrum

A new color palette to work with.

Check Contrast

A new color palette to work with.

Doc Site

The Doc Site (documentation website) gives an array of industry-standard, thoroughly documented components so designers and developers can focus their efforts on NCR’s unique needs.


Definitely one of the longest project I've had my hands on while working at NCR Corporation. I worked on many different iterations of what is now the NUI Library over the years, and it's evolution is what made it successful and adoptable within the company, a real problem not everyone saw we had.