My Role

My role as the Conceptual Designer in this project was to conceptualize a Hand Scanner UI for the Advance Store Mobile platform so store employees can easily check-out shoppers while on the retail floor without the need for them to wait in line at the counter.

This was a last minute design request and required me to have a 48 hour turnaround so NCR Corporation could present the design and a low fidelity prototype to their retail client.

Design Challenges

The challenge I faced going into this project was to conceptualize a newly improved and modern UI that would accommodate for retail store's needs while supporting legacy hardware (iPod device) yet leveraging the open source Native Basis UI components for React Native and Vue Native maintaining it into a White Label Solution.

48hr Turnaround

By keeping the design clean and simple, it helped me keep an uncluttered UI yet accommodating all the necessary data for a nice and easy interaction and great experience to both the retail employee using the device to scan store items and the store customers performing the purchase.


After a quick internal review, we decided to make the user flow shorter after determining that the final payment steps would be performed by the store customer from the back of the device and not on the employee side of the hand scanner. Overall, this was an enjoyable design exercise for me. The project stakeholders were very happy and confident with the final result and they plan on taking this conceptual design to the next phases of the project.

This was the final result.