My Role

My role as the UI/UX Designer in this project was to redesign the existing Airport QWZ application for mobile and and revamp its look and feel, making the experience more enjoyable by the user.

The Problem

I was approached by my developer friend Carlos Souza, who had published a fun little mobile app for testing people's knowledge of airport codes. The app was working fine, but it wasn't something he could say he was proud to show people. The experience was not up to par to what is expected from apps either on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Design Challenges

The challenge I wanted to focus on, was to make the app relevant for its users. Since the Airport QWZ app revolved around testing users' knowledge on Airport Codes for the busiest airport around the world, I wanted to make the design theme relevant to travel, airport, and airplanes.

I had complete freedom designing for Airport QWZ, so I took a fun and artistic approach to the design yet making it functional for the user.


The Airport QWZ is now redesigned and my friend Carlos is finally happy with his new app. I took into consideration the most important feature of traveling and did my best to reflect this into the app. The design resembles a boarding pass to help tie in the experience of being at the airports, the paper airplane is just a playful reminder of our childhood days wondering what it was like to fly.